tt.bot is shutting down on 2. 3. 2024.

  • About 2 minutes to read

If you're here for a TL;DR, here it is: tt.bot is shutting down on 2. 3. 2024, 00:00 UTC to allow me to free my mind and shift my focus to school and other projects. If you're here for a longer version, feel free to read along.


First, this decision wasn't easy to make, but I feel it is necessary. tt.bot has been living for over 7 years now. As years went by, while I was growing, my free time and interest was slowly shifting somewhere else.

As such, I realized a couple of things:

  • tt.bot stagnated and stayed the same for 3 years, receiving no changes whatsoever.
    • I tried to adapt to the new world, but I never finished due to lack of time and interest.
  • The extension sandbox is a ticking bomb.
  • tt.bot was already supposed to (silently) die with Discord's sunsetting of API v6.
    • This, however, didn't happen, it was postponed indefinitely.

And if there's no reaper, I unfortunately must become one…

The Sunset

Going forward from 2. 3. 2024, 00:00 UTC, tt.bot will go offline and won't respond to any of your commands. This should give you some time to back your settings up, but if you're reading this within 14 days after tt.bot's shutdown and you didn't manage to back your data up in time, feel free to reach out to me according to the privacy policy and I'll give out your data to you.

Repositories containing code solely used by tt.bot will be archived. Anyone willing to pick the legacy up and continue forward can do so if they follow the respective licenses. Frameworks that I still use in my other projects are here to stay.


As for alternatives, you should do your own research and find what suits you the best. However, here is a quick list of some alternatives that I can think of off the top of my head:

  • The timefor command can be replaced with Discord's timestamp tags. They might be less convenient to use but adapt to the user's local time zone.
  • Welcome messages are supported natively by Discord. Note that users may remove them by themselves, so you might want to post them to a hidden channel.
  • The rule agreement feature can be replaced with Discord's server onboarding feature. It is way friendlier, and offers many more configuration options than tt.bot ever would.
  • Using extensions? Making your own bot using slash commands and interactions is as easy and way more flexible than tt.bot's extension API would ever be.
  • Moderation commands are available as slash commands in Discord natively with similar syntax. Try giving /ban, /kick, and /timeout a shot!

As for tt.bot, it is finally time to let go.

P. S.: tt.bot won't leave your server unless you kick it. Feel free to keep it in your server if you want to be the first to experience the Next Big Thing™️, if I ever get to build one.