Privacy Policy

Review what does store, how the stored data is used and why. stores the following data:

  • Your user profile

    Only your language and timezone can be stored. This is considered personally identifiable information. Your language is used in order to translate's messages into your native language. Your timezone is used in order to display the times in your timezone. The timezone is also publicly available by typing tt.timefor @user.

    If you'd like to remove the user profile, use the tt.profile remove command or delete the profile using the web interface at (requires sign-in).

  • Server configurations

    The server-specific prefix, the staff role ID, server farewell/welcome messages, server farewell/welcome channel IDs, server rule agreement channel ID, member role ID, logging channel ID, logging events, modlog channel ID and the server-wide locale can be stored. This data is used in order to provide some of's features and to translate into the server-wide locale.

    You may request deletion of this data at our Discord server or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

  • Server moderation logs

    The ID of the punished user, the punishment reason, type and the ID of the message tied with the modlog entry are stored. This data is used in order to display user's punishments using the tt.strikes command and to allow the moderators to update the punishment reason using the tt.reason and to delete the punishment using the tt.delpunish command.

  • Tags

    Tags are publicly available key/value entries. The only information stored is the tag name, the tag value and the ID of the author. This information is used in order to display the tags themselves. Tags are user-generated content. By creating a tag, you must comply with Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines regarding user content. By creating a tag, you give us permission to show the content of the tag to anyone across Discord. Some tags may contain special strings that can be interpolated with some of the personally identifiable information. The aforementioned interpolated string is not stored at our servers. In order to delete your own tag, run the tt.tag remove (name). In order to delete a tag made by someone else containing your content without your permission, please request deletion of this data at our Discord server or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

  • Speakerphone

    Speakerphone stores the user-selected phone number, the privacy status, and the channel ID and server ID. The user-selected phone number is in no means a valid telephone number and thereby is not considered personally identifiable information. The channel ID and server ID is used in order to route the call to the appropriate location and to show the location, provided that the number is not private.

    In order to delete a phone entry, run the remove (number) command or please request deletion of this data at our Discord server or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

  • Cookies

    We use cookies in order to identify your session to provide the web panel and in order to indicate that you've consented to collect the mentioned information at the landing page. The sessions are stored for a length of 1 day, however, the data collection consent is stored on your computer indefinitely.

    In order to withdraw the consent and/or to disassociate the session with your computer, please, delete the cookies for

  • User sessions

    Your user session contains data necessary to operate the bot's web panel, respectively:

    • CSRF protection secret
    • OAuth2 token data provided by Discord, including the access/refresh tokens, token issue data and token expiry
    • The callback URL used to access the web panel In order to remove all data related to the user's session, please click the "Log out" button in the web panel. In order to invalidate the access tokens, you can do so in Discord's user settings.
  • Extensions

    The extension runtime code, allowed channel and role IDs, the extension name, the extension command trigger, the extension storage ID are stored. Extension storage may contain user-generated data, along with personally identifiable information. Please check with the administrators of the server for more information about what data does the extension store.

    In order to delete an extension (optionally with its storage), please run tt.extensions delete (ID) or use the web panel in order to delete it. If you'd like to delete an extension storage that cannot be deleted (by forgetting the storage ID and/or deleting all extensions), please request deletion of this data at our Discord server or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. collects the amount of servers it is on. This data is shared with and in order to display the amount of servers on the bot's page on the mentioned websites. Their privacy policy can be seen on their respective websites, respectively and

Security Vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities related to will be announced via Discord and also on the blog of the creator, TTtie.

Privacy Concerns, User Data Deletion

All privacy concerns and data deletion requests shall be directed to our Discord server or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].