A new beginning

I felt there was a time to restart...

  • About 1 minute to read

Hello there.

While the old style looked decent (to an extent), it had some issues that I wanted to address, and after some thinking, I've decided that it would be a better choice to tear the whole thing down and start anew. The biggest change to the site are the styling changes and changes to how the website was built. First off, while I'd consider it decent, I've decided to axe the old styles of the website and swapped them with Bulma instead. It looks a lot better than the old site, and ity responsiveness is much better.

Next up, the website does not use React anymore. While the page is still built server-side, as of now, I'm using a custom made build script using Webpack (to compile Sass and JS files) and EJS for template rendering to get things done. After all, static pages are much smaller and faster to load, not to mention that a single page application is way too overkill for a simple website like mine.

That's all I'd like to say about the new changes. Until then,